Written by Pat Bailouni

Why 99% Of People Don't Ever Accomplish Their Goals.

The majority of people don't ever achieve their 'goals' because they aren't even pursuing real goals - they're chasing fairy-dust (fantasies).

A fantasy is anything you perceive to have an 'all positive' outcome sometime in the future. Understanding that every event has two sides to it, achieving an 'all positive' outcome is not actually possible.

A real goal (an objective) is balanced. You perceive benefits from accomplishing it but you are also equally aware of the challenges & risks it will present.

Think about something you wanted 1 year ago and finally accomplished.

Maybe it was a new job, or a fresh relationship, perhaps it was a certain amount of money.

A year ago you thought achieving this thing would be the solution to all your problems

But now that you have it, you still have problems, right? You still aren’t fulfilled? Maybe you even feel a little bit betrayed.

Welcome to the dis-heartened world of chasing fantasies.

You accomplished the thing you wanted to accomplish and you were disappointed because the reality of the situation (which is 2-sided - benefits & drawbacks) didn’t meet up to the fantasy (which is 1-sided - 'all positive') you had set in your mind.

Maybe you 10x your business - but now realised you have additional stresses with having to hire and expand.

Maybe you secured that relationship - but now you realise your partner doesn't even put the damn toilet seat down.

Maybe you 10x your income - but now realise that people come up to you with money in their eyes

People end up feeling betrayed because reality doesn't meet up to their expectations (fantasies).

It’s much wiser to follow this 3-step formula to ensure you're setting real goals (objectives):

  1. Identify what it is you would love to accomplish.
  2. Identify all the challenges, risks, drawbacks and disadvantages of having that particular goal (until the - = +).
  3. Take each of the drawbacks that you think will be damaging and identify 3x things to lower the probability of them happening & 3x things to lower the impact if they do happen.

If you set real goals (objectives) a few things will happen:

  1. You will become more grateful for your current reality (because now you aren't comparing your life to an 'all positive' fantasy).
  2. Any fears, anxieties or self-doubt will go away because now you aren't self-minimising to an 'all positive' fantasy.
  3. You will be more likely to achieve the objective because you have contingencies planned.
  4. If the drawbacks do happen, you will be well prepared with contingencies to deal with them - as opposed, to being smacked in hindsight (and feeling betrayed).

A master, to the best of their abilities, is aware of the risks, drawbacks, challenges of what they are pursuing and to the best of their ability has mitigated the risks with contingencies.

Now, you won’t be able to anticipate every single drawback but you'll get more than you will without planning.

Value yourself and your goals enough to take the time it takes to do this exercise, it may just be the reason why you accomplish your goals.

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Pat Bailouni is a mindset consultant (trained Demartini Method Ⓡ Facilitator) and a financial market trader. He uses his understanding of human behaviour and psychology to help traders & investors gain an unfair advantage in the markets.

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