Written by Pat Bailouni

Why Some People Succeed & Others Don't?

One key contributing factor to your success is your level of discipline.

The problem though is that some days we have discipline and some days we just don't.

This blog post is going to be a short and sweet guide on how to develop and maintain consistently high levels of discipline in your life.



Every single human being (you & I included) is disciplined.

We are just disciplined to things that are truly important to us - our higher priorities.

And, we lack discipline towards those things that are not truly important to us - our lower priorities.

Does a Mother 'lack discipline' when her baby is in trouble?

Does she pull up youtube and tell herself that she's too lazy to save her baby from those 6 kid-nappers wearing balaclavas that have just broken into her house?


She acts.


Now I know that's a bit of an extreme example, but the same is true for everyday life:

We are ALL disciplined to complete tasks that are truly important to us.

The trap many people fall into is thinking something is important to them when it really isn't.

So, the question is less: "how can I become more disciplined?" (because you are already disciplined to your highest priorities).

And more: "how can I raise the importance of the task I want to do but am lacking discipline toward?"

Us, human beings, do not move a muscle without a motive.

So we need to start seeing how this task we want to do is actually truly (deep down) important to us.

This is how...

  1. Take any task that you lack discipline towards (back-testing, building a trading plan, forecasting, reviewing your trades etc.)
  2. Grab a pen and pad.
  3. Answer the following question one hundred times...

How is doing the task you are 'lacking discipline' toward (back-testing, building a trading plan,...) a benefit and service to you?

(How is it a benefit to your health & physical body? Your wealth? Your family & relationships? Your social image? Your job/ business? Your mindset? And what is truly most important to you?)

The moment you truly see the connection in your mind of how the task you want to do is actually helping you excel in every area of life, you will not lack discipline toward it (because now it's an extremely important task).

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Pat Bailouni is a mindset consultant (trained Demartini Method Ⓡ Facilitator) and a financial market trader. He uses his understanding of human behaviour and psychology to help traders & investors gain an unfair advantage in the markets.

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