Pat Bailouni

Pat Bailouni is a mindset & performance consultant for financial market traders.

He uses his understanding of human behaviour and psychology (Demartini Method Ⓡ Facilitator) to progress serious traders.

With 5+ years of trading experience and 3+ years of performance coaching experience under his belt, he is able to tailor his '12 Laws for Human Excellence' to help traders excel.

Having experienced mindset challenges as a financial market trader in his own journey, Pat studied under some great minds in psychology & human behaviour (namely, Dr. John Demartini - IAOTP's Top Human Behaviour Specialist in the world for 2020). From these studies, Pat created his laws and tools that would put him in a position to succeed as a trader, all of which he uses to help his clients succeed in their own journeys.

Sessions with Pat are specifically designed for individuals who want to develop a peak-performing mindset to ensure they can trade successfully - without sacrificing the other areas of their lives.